Charlene Becker

Architectural & Interior Photography

Architectural & Interior Photographer Cape Town

Interior Photography is the art of capturing the beautiful interior spaces in such a way that it reflects it’s true character.

Architectural Photography involves the capturing of buildings and structures in such a way that the photograph is aesthetically pleasing and accurately represents the buildings and structures.

Ideal for Interior Designers, Property Developers, Architects and Commercial Properties.

Hotel & Lodge Photography

Potential guests rely on the photos you provide to see where they will be staying.

Capturing the true character and unique style of your property to show it off in the best light possible.

Ideal for Hotels, Guesthouses, Lodges and AirBnB’s.

Hotel & Lodge Photographer South Africa | Architectural & Interior Photographer Cape Town

Real Estate Photography

Captures the property’s interior and exterior, its features and layout mainly for the purpose of selling or renting the property.

Real Estate Photographer Cape Town

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the type of shoot.

Architectural & Interior Photography and Real Estate Photography can mostly be done in 1 – 2 hours depending on what needs to be photographed and the size of the property etc.

For bigger/multiple properties, half a day to a full day may be required.

Hotel & Lodge Photography can take anything from 2 hours, half a day, a full day or multiple days depending on what needs to be photographed, the size and location of the property and the facilities/activities offered.

  • Interior Photography: Throughout the day.
  • Exterior Photography: Early morning / Late Afternoon.
  • Nature/Lifestyle Photography: Early morning / Afternoon – 1 hour before sunset.
  • Food Photography: Morning.

Yes, I love travelling and I am always more than happy to do photo shoots at any location in South Africa and abroad.

For shoots outside of Pretoria, Johannesburg or Cape Town, additional travel and accommodation fees may apply.

I am available throughout South Africa for Hotel & Lodge Photography.

This will be determined by the length of the shoot, size of the property and requirements of the shoot.

This will be determined by the shoot requirements and can be anything from 1 – 2 days for Real Estate Photography, 2 – 3 days for Architectural & Interior Photography and up to 7 days for Hotel & Lodge Photography.

After the completion of the shoot your images will be edited and available to be downloaded.

Images will be available in the following sizes:

  • High Resolution: 3600px; 300dpi.
  • Web Size: 2048px; 72dpi.

Any other size or delivery requirements can be discussed before the shoot.